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Police target known black spots

Police target known black spots

Fernando Gómez said he saw six unmarked cars, which turned out to be police vehicles, stop their cars and search the road ahead. He said the cars «are not black, they are yellow because of the red paint» on them.

Gómez and his family said they were stopped and searched for approximately 90 minutes as the authorities did not tell them to stop, nor did they appear천안콜걸 in a list of suspects to be taken to the police station to be fingerprinted. He said he would give an address to the police station if they released the name of the officer who arrested his family.

The attorney, who declined to give his name for the families’ safety, said police did not say to them they were being stopped or searched, and they didn’t want to go through.

«They did not even offer their hands for identification,» he said. «When I saw the names of the officers they arrested, I said we need to look here. They said they were there to provide services. I said that they can go, but not for a while.»

The government, which holds the right to detain people, said on its website that its mission is to «protect our people, our freedoms and our economy» from terrorism.

A spokesman for the Attorney General’s Office, Jaime Castillo, said the office reviewed the case and «we will thoroughly and impartially determine the facts before opening an investigation.»

The two men had been in the country for about a year and a half and worked for a small business in Puerto Rico. Gómez said the officer was a supervisor and Gómez, who speaks Spanish, said he was not aware of anyone in the company.

Gómez said he heard two separate police vehicles that were searching his home, saying they were coming because he had committed a traffic violation.

After Gómez and his family told the officers they were black, they were approached by another man who tried to force his way into the home. The man told them they w바카라 방법ouldn’t be able to leave without a search warrant, and gave them a copy of the warrant, he said. When he left with Gómez’s mother-in-law, he was surrounded by about 20 officers who ordered 로투스바카라the house to be closed so he could not leave until the matter was resolved, Gómez said.

By Wednesday, it wasn’t clear who the second suspect was.