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Injured fire fighter out of coma after being struck by car at Southbank

Injured fire fighter out of coma after being struck by car at Southbank

Families of four firefighters fighting the blaze said the driver was oblivious to them.

Mark Thomas said he tried to stop the car just after 2pm on Sunday morning after receiving a call to attend a collision involving three cars in the westbound lane of the Portobello Road tunnel, south-west of Manchester Arena.

The man then accelerated towards him and ran over him in a second.

He said: «When I pulled out of the tunnel his car had struck me twice.

«He didn’t react at all and the first time he stopped when he saw the two firemen standing there.»

The driver did not see or hear the firefighters approaching from his vehicle, he added.

As the driver turned to leave, the third fire engine was also hit by his car.

Thomas said: «The fireman turned around and he didn’t know who hit the first fireman, or what had happened.

«The car just went over us and almost hit the building. I managed to get a look at the car, and it was totally out of control.»

After the fireman died, he left the scene with his wife and infant daughter.

When asked if he would drive back on the same route, his wife replied: «No! We’ll never drive there again.»

A spokesman for South Yorkshire Police confirmed the driver and firemen had been treated at우리카지노 the scene.

Police confirmed there was «an extensive investigation» into the incident.

The spokeswoman said: «South Yorkshire Polic바카라e are aware of an incident which took place in the tunnel at the junction of West Portobello Road and South Ba바카라사이트nk and that a family member is injured.»