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Aerial firefighters urge crackdown on drone use in rural areas

Aerial firefighters urge crackdown on drone use in rural areas

By Mike Routhauer

KITCHENER, British Columbia, June 17 (Reuters) — Rural British Columbia is seeing a boom in drone use and some rural areas have seen as many as 600 drone flights per month — including one drone taking off from a plane in the early hours of Tuesday, a Royal Canadian Mounted Police spokesman said.

The RCMP is encouraging businesses around the country to «do the right thing» by keeping their drone out of sight or «prohibit flying» near populated areas.

A Royal Canadian Mounted Police helicopter flew over parts of British Columbia’s Mount Baker region on Tuesday morning.

The helicopter is using what the RCMP’s Public Complaints Unit identified as a drone as it tries to recover footage from the pilot after being unable to find him, said the spokesman, Chris Marshall.

«This is the first time we are seeing this type of activity,» Marshall said.

A person who answered the phone at the North Pole International Airport in Vancouvejarvees.comr said the helicopter was landing and the flight had res바카라사이트umed.

Ruth O’Brien, chairwoman of the B.C. government’s Information and Privacy Commissioner’s office, told Reuters it was againjarvees.comst the law to fly drones within 100 yards of populated areas. (Editing by Michael Perry)

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